Let the Grand Adventure Begin

Well we are about to begin our new adventure on our farm. We are going to open an orchard to grow Haskap. Haskap is a somewhat new berry to Canada as an orchard plant. It is found in the wild near swamps and likes moist but drained soil. We are getting our soil tested at the moment and once the results are in we will see if planting dwarf dutch white clover is possible.

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  1. EBH says:


    Fantastic. Where are you located? Where are you getting your plants from? What varieties will you be planting? Are you planning a pick-you-own?


  2. beeandthistle says:

    We are in central Saskatchewan and getting our plants from Haskap Central. We are going to plant Tundra, 9-15 and Berry Blue as the pollenizer. At the moment we are going to do a commercial orchard as we are to far from any major center. Doing research on harvesters, IQF, buildings and tractors. I have just designed a planter to put the plants in a dwarf dutch clover field. Going to build the prototype soon. It is truly the exciting time before the real work begins.

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