Mud up to my Knees.

Phew, that was a job and a half. I moved 200 plants in 2 hours. When the shovel and plant give that ‘slurp suck’ sound, you know they are too wet. About 100 of them were under water almost completely, and the other hundred were in boot deep mud, so best to move them now. Maybe I should have worn hip waders lol. I will not need to go to the gym this summer.

That’s likely the most rain we’ll get at one time for the next few years (5 inches in 3 days), so I’m confident I’ve done the right thing. All 200 were budding and some of them had leaves. I’m not sure if they would have suffered too terribly in that water, but better to be safe than sorry. I’ve got lots of land to put them in.

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