Where have you Bee-n?

Busier than ever in my life is where!

Month started off nicely, with a few strolls in the orchard, a little weeding here and there in the veggies, and some dog walks.

Then a local dog breeder called me in distress. Could I help? They had FOURTEEN puppies that needed bottle-feeding for two weeks. All my plans for weeding orchard, and putting up veggies ground to a halt.

I stayed at their house for 2 weeks, and this is the end result. FOURTEEN live happy puppies, and one healed mother (she had a really bad case of mastitis and couldn’t nurse her puppies for 10 days).

Some photos:

wehaveeachother mrgreenjeanstwoandthreequarterslbsjuly172013 ravenfedandrested ravenslitterat2and3quarters weeks july10threeshadesoffox july11lightestanddarkestravens

Then I no sooner got home, and started hand-pulling weeds in the big orchard (I ignored the garden, since the orchard is more important at this point and the garden plants are big enough to fight off a few weeds), than I adopted this lovely lonely cat, who had been wandering around the local post office for a week, howling and mewling and obviously very hungry.

Here he is, antagonizing my well-trained dog, who won’t touch him because he was told to ‘LEAVE IT’!

His name is Cecil and he’s a very nice cat (except he takes advantage of my well-trained dog…):


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