Getting the posts for my fence

Started collecting my fence posts. So far we have about 75 pieces of 10 foot, 150 schedule metal pipes. I recently got a used trailer and it was a hard trip home. Ended up getting four new tires and now the trailer works great. Going to get another 50 pieces of pipe over the next month. I will need in total about 150 pipes all together to circle the 15 acres and a few shorter ones to build strong corners. Lots of time till summer for this job.

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  1. maddoghaskap says:

    are you putting up game fence make sure you brace the corners as well as using heavier pipe .

  2. beeandthistle says:

    The pipe I ended up with is schedule 300 and 600. The 150 turned out to be 300 and 600. Good for me I guess. I also found out today I will be able to get the remaining 75 or more over the next several weeks. Now to figure out how to get them in the ground. Thanks for visiting.

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