My Transplanter for the Haskap plants just arrived and Tractor ordered

My transplanter from EasternFarmMachinery has just arrived. I chose the model 1000-B3 because of its ability to put lots of plants into the ground at any spacing from 4″ to 96″ in 4″ increments, this along with the built-in watering attachment that puts the water on the roots during planting will will hopefully make the job much easier. I will be playing with it here soon in a section of my backyard to figure it out before planting the orchard.

This pic is of the Boomer 8N tractor I ordered, mine should be here in a few weeks. The back hoe attachment should be very useful for all the drainage work I need to do. I also have a 1948 Ford 8N, the tractor the New Holland Boomer 8N is modeled after.



Here is the transplanter I got the other day, the water tank is 55 gallons, the yellow device between the trays is the part that holds the plants and puts them into the ground. This video I found on You Tube shows the unit operating. They have the plant spacing very close, but this is adjustable up to 96″ in 4″ increments.

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